Keyword Shitter: Your Ultimate SEO Companion

Keyword Shitter

A significant part of  search engine optimization (SEO) is keyword research, and picking the proper sentences to target can affect how well your online promoting campaigns perform. It is one tool that has grown in popularity among digital marketers for keyword research. We’ll look at what Keyword Shitter is, how it functions, advantages, applications, case studies, best practices, restrictions, and potential future trends in this post.


An internet tool called Keyword Shitter is made to provide a ton of keyword recommendations based on a seed term or phrase. It facilitates marketers’ discovery of pertinent keywords for their SEO operations by automating the process of brainstorming keyword ideas.

Understanding Keyword Shitter

What is Keyword Shitter?

This is a tool for researching keywords that uses algorithms to create numerous keyword suggestions from user input. It gives marketers helpful knowledge about search trends and user intention, assisting them in improving their content and website for higher search engine rankings.

What is the Functioning Process of Keyword Shitter?

It functions by inputting a starting keyword or phrase from the user and producing a collection of associated keywords through the use of different data sources like search engine autocomplete suggestions, related searches, and keyword permutations.

Benefits of Using Keyword Shitter

Generate Long-Tail Keywords

It helps advertisers in finding long-tail keywords that are profoundly focused on and less competitive, despite their lower search volumes. Long-tail keywords are valuable for attracting web visitors.

Discover Niche Keywords

It helps marketers uncover niche keywords that may not have been apparent initially by providing a high volume of keyword suggestions. Targeting particular audience segments and seizing unexplored market chances can be advantageous with niche keywords.

Improve SEO tactics

It assists marketers in enhancing their SEO strategy and boosting organic traffic by offering a thorough collection of keyword suggestions for optimizing content, meta tags, and website structure.

How to Use Keyword Shitter

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Using this tool, input a seed word or phrase.
  2. Decide on the preferred language and keyword volume, among other parameters and filters.
  3. To get keyword ideas, click the “Shit Keywords!” button.
  4. Examine the list of keywords that was produced and export it for additional study.

Keyword Shitter

Best Practices for this Keyword Research tool

Filtering and Sorting Keywords

To find the most valuable keywords for your SEO strategy, you must filter and organize the list of suggested keywords based on factors like competition, search volume, and relevancy after they have been generated.

Using Other Tools in Combination

Even though it offers insightful keyword recommendations, it’s advantageous to integrate it with additional keyword research tools and analytics programs to have a thorough grasp of search trends and user behavior. 

Tips for Maximizing Keyword Research tool

Use filters effectively

Experiment with different filtering options to refine your keyword lists and focus on the most relevant and high-potential keywords for your website.

Analyze competition and search volume

Center around keyphrases that have a lot of search volume however not an excess of competition to increase your possibilities of ranking great in  search engine results.

Incorporate keywords strategically in content

Use this tool to find relevant keywords, then carefully add them to the body, headers, and meta tags of your website’s content to increase search exposure and relevancy.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

Overlooking long-tail keywords.

Long-tail keywords have a lot of power because they are frequently more specialized user inquiries with better conversion rates.

Depending only on the volume of keywords

Even while search volume is a crucial measure, you should also take keyword relevancy and competition levels into account to make sure the phrases you’re targeting fit the objectives and target audience of your website.

Ignoring the significance of the keyword

Keep in mind that choosing keywords that are highly relevant to your audience. And niche is important because it will draw in qualified traffic and increase user engagement. 

Alternative Keyword Research Tools

While this keyword research tool offers a robust set of features for keyword research, several alternative tools can complement your SEO efforts:

  • Google Keyword Planner
  • SEMrush
  • Ahrefs


In summary, Keyword Shitter is an effective tool for creating keyword ideas and improving SEO tactics. By utilizing its functionalities, marketers have the ability to reveal important information about search trends, find specific keywords, and enhance their content for improved search engine placement.


Is Keyword Shitter available for free?

There are commercial and free versions available for this keyword research tool. While the commercial edition offers more capabilities and sophisticated filtering possibilities, the free version only gives basic keyword creation functionality.

Is it possible to employ this keyword research tool in PPC campaigns?

Indeed, you might utilize this keyword research tool to produce keyphrase ideas for campaigns. Including pay-per-click (PPC) and natural search engine optimization. It gives valuable data on search traffic and keyword competitiveness that can be applied to improve PPC keyword focusing on methodologies.

Are there any alternatives to this keyword research tool?

Positively, there are a few elective choices accessible for performing keyword research. Including instruments like Moz Keyword Explorer, SEMrush, Ahrefs, and Google Keyword Planner. Picking the right tool that lines up with your targets and financial requirements.

How frequently should I conduct keyword research using this keyword research tool?

The demand for fresh content ideas, the level of competition in your sector, and shifts in search patterns all influence how often you use Keyword Shitter for keyword research. Regularly conducting keyword research is a recommended strategy to keep up with changing search behavior.

Is local SEO possible using this keyword research tool?

Yes, it has ability to produce location-specific keyword ideas makes it useful for local SEO optimization.

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